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  • First of all, don't look for our address, we are nomads.
What is important to know about our agency, it is that we're based on multiple IMPORTANT values valid for all our customers and ladies:
  • Respect is the prime value
All our ladies are free:
  • ... to choose her own schedule.
  • ... to leave the O-Senses family when she wants.
  • ... to select the extras available.
  • ... to choose the maximum customer by day.
  • ... to accept or refuse the customers or special request that put them uncomfortable.
  • ... to refuse a GFE if the customers isn't apt for it. (cleanliness, class, respect)
*** Please respect the agency and do not try to contact the ladies personally, thanks for respecting their privacy and th work done by the agency that strives to satisfy you with simplicity and discretion every day. ***

A small update for the MERBCC active members:
  • Sorry to tell you that even if you mention your member name when you take the appointment, our ladies stays HUMAN BEING and won't do unauthorized extra services.
  • Every customer clean and respectful will receive the best possible GFE according to the personnality of each ladies.
About the INCALL appointments:
  • In order to offer you the most discreet and secure service possible, we've opted for a nomadic approach. So we change locations every day for the INCALL
  • Although we're well prepared every day, sometimes we're unable to get your love nest on time and this is ABSOLUTELY NOT our responsibility.
  • Take into consideration that being in the first available slot of the day, as wonderful as it can be, might be shifted or canceled. O-SENSES AND THE LADIES are not in a position to offer compensation for this kind of situation. Sorry once again.


Here is how to be THE perfect customer !

  • In order to have a pleasant appointment, prepare the exact donation before the lady,s arrival to hand it over quickly so that she confirms to whom it may concern that she feels safe and comfortable with the customer.
  • The perfect customer must be gentleman, neat and respectful.
  • The ladies will be charmed if you are punctual, clean and have a fresh breath.
  • For longer lastin appointments, a drink would be appreciated; Water, drink, other ... all sealed and opened during the meeting.
  • For people wishing to obtain an extra, explain your requests to the lady so that she can understand your desires and make you fully enjoy the moment spent together. Each individual is different and we must adapt to each other's preferences. If a young lady refuses a request, it is because she is not comfortable with it, please do not insist
  • Please feel free to express your constructive comments, whether negative or positive, following your meeting to help us correct any shortcomings if necessary.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome, do not hesitate to contact us through the following link: « Contact ».

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